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All ready to move? Here's an easy check list!

We understand the hassle and stresses of moving to a new location. We have created this simple checklist for our customers to use for their up and coming move!

  • Change your address

  • Change accounts i.e. credit cards, banks, subscriptions

  • Notify insurance companies of new location

  • Notify utility companies of new location

  • Make sure your licenses are good for your pets

  • Ask doctors, dentists for referrals for your new location

Before you leave check list

  • Carry sufficient cash or travelers' checks to cover the cost of moving services and other expenses until you make banking arrangements in your new location.

  • Carry jewelry and important documents yourself or send them by registered mail.

  • Plan for transporting your pets, they are poor traveling companions if unhappy.

  • Let a close friend or relative know your travel schedule, including overnight stops. Use them as a message center.

  • Double check closets, drawers, and shelves to be sure they are empty.

  • Leave all old keys needed by the new tenant/owner with Realtor or neighbor.

On moving day check list

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